Spring Season is Almost Here

We are getting closer to our spring season. Usually this entails lots of running and conditioning on the players part and planning on the coaches behalf. Before our conditioning got underway, I spent a good deal of time, mapping out a progression for our fitness regiment. As we move forward, tracking our fitness goals has become easier, and making sure we present the elements of the workouts in a fresh manner has become harder.

Part of my pre-season prep work has always been to read what other coaches are dealing with, how they have addressed common topics and pay attention to any noticeable trends that maybe developing in the soccer community. We speak of how important communication is to the game and how vital it is within the construct of the team, but yet, there is very little in the way of how we, as coaches, can improve our ability to convey ideas, impart concepts and our vision in a manner consistent with the population we are working with.

This season, it is my goal to push myself towards becoming a better communicator. The ideas bouncing around my head will do very little good if I fail to paint a clear picture for my players. It is my hope that by making it a point with my players that I want to be better at communicating with them, they may, in turn try some of it on their own within their team.

After all, isn’t the beautiful game, boiled down to its simplest essence, all about communication?


till I see you on the pitch


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