Up Days and Down Days

The dates for our Try-Outs are drawing nearer, and as that time gets closer, I am seeing an over all sense of impatience from players (and coaches).  Some days it is hard to keep players motivated in pushing themselves in their conditioning, and then there are days when the players are pushing themselves and we coaches feel like by-standers.

Our mental state of being dictates so much of how we relate to others and to ourselves. This is especially true in sports, for athletes and coaches alike, we are all subject to the various moods we bring to the pitch.  For the most part, our sport brings a release and a chance to refresh our mood, our spirit and mental health.

I am not sure anyone reads my ramblings and it is not so much for the benefit of others that I write here. The blog is more of a cathartic experience for me and on days such as today where my heart is heavy with sadness and self-doubt, I find it a good way to take stock and reaccess why I am doing what I do.

Today is just a down day- tomorrow brings a new day.


till I see you on the pitch


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