1st Games of the Season

The u14s took to the pitch for 3 matches this weekend. Since it has been almost 3 months when we were last on the ball under game conditions, I was somewhat concerned about how we would come together. Things such as movement on and off of the ball, how we read each other’s cues, and team movement were just a few of the things that were on my mind.

Our 1st game was against a team that had shown well the past season so it should have been a good test for us. As the game got underway, it became clear that we had come out to play. We had pretty good movement on and off of the ball, the team worked well together and we came out on top of our 1st match.

Our 2nd game of the weekend was against a team that had taken us to task last season and held a clinic on how to score. We left that matchup bruised down by 8 goals, so we were somewhat apprehensive as we went into our 2nd game. The 1st half saw us concede 2 goals from errors and we were allowing them to dictate our game. A little direction at halftime saw us come out for an entirely different 2nd half. We failed to find the net during the 2nd half, but neither did our opponent.

The 3rd game put us against a team we battled all last season, we would win one, then they would. Both teams are about equally matched talent wise, but today saw us a little more determined to do work. We put them under with a 5-1 game. It was great to see that our goals came from multiple players filling in where needed. Our substitution pattern had very little impact on the game tempo which marks a huge improvement in our players’ confidence with each other.

Most of the players will head out to their high school soccer try-outs tomorrow. I wish each of them luck and hope that by being on the ball all weekend, it will benefit them as they head out onto the fields this week.

till I see you on the pitch


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