The Importance of Mental Focus

So our u14 girls took to the pitch again this weekend with another double header. We all arrived at the appointed time and went through our pregame rituals. For lack of a better description, let’s just say that we were not focused on the games ahead of us as we went through our routines. At the pregame huddle, I spoke to them about getting our minds on task and how we needed to focus on our game.

In spite of putting the 1st goal away, it was obvious that our minds were anywhere but on the pitch. We conceded 3 very weak goals in the 1st half that we normally would have never allowed. After the 2nd goal against us, we allowed our mental focus to evaporate and we went flat.

We had our assistant coach lead our 1/2 time talk with me following to emphasis how frustrating it is for us to just go through the motions of play without thinking about what we need to achieve as individuals and as a team.

The girls made some huge adjustments to their game and came out against a much better side with new purpose and intensity. We managed to completely shut down the other teams attack and worked the ball into multiple areas of attack. We put another goal away and were steady building our momentum when the clock ran out.

While we lost 2-3, it did serve to demonstrate just how important our mental prep is to our game. We shared with the team after the game, that we had just played on par with one of the top teams in the bracket above ours and that when we focus on our work, great things happen.

Finding that ability to shut down all of the outside distractions and all of the thoughts not pertaining to our task is a difficult thing for any of us. It is a tool we can use in all aspects of our lives daily but the hard part is how to reach that point where we can focus at will. As I get better at managing to reach this level of focus, I hope to be able to share with you things that are working for me-

till I see you on the pitch



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