So, our try-outs are finished for High School, the Club side is working very well together and things are as they should for this point in the season. My focus for this season is to improve how we communicate, both personally and our teams. I am trying to encourage our players to remove the “cool” hat and put them selves out there where they will be tested, challenged and possibly fail in order for us to improve.

One of the by-products that I did not anticipate by this course of action is how I would be received by the players. Each day, I try to figure out a way to motivate, to help build self-confidence and challenge the players and I hope it is having impact for them personally as well as for the team dynamic. What I was not prepared for is how the players turn that energy and motivation back towards me. It is very humbling to be on the receiving end of players’ words of encouragement and praise. For the most part, I chalk it up to youth and their limited life experiences but it is nice to know that we are making impact upon their thought process.

How does all of this relate to the game? In matches we ask our players to continually put themselves into situations where they must challenge unknowns, where there is a potential for injury, to test themselves against their peers and at the end of the match, each must reflect upon their own performance. As we grow as a team, it is this ability to reflect upon how each of us contributes to the whole and if we truly want to improve, we must be willing to be both critical and approving of our performance. We must take away what we do well and learn from what we need to improve. Therein lies the true nature of a team.

till I see you on the pitch


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