Looking Forward and Backwards

So our JV girls have a couple of scrimmages under their belts now. Our 1st time out on the pitch was against a very solid HS program that has a much deeper player pool to draw upon. Our try-outs had just concluded 2 days prior to the scrimmage and we had not trained or sorted ourselves out- we lost our 1st game 9-0 but what stood out most for me was just how hard our girls fought and stayed in the game till the final whistle. I have had teams completely shut down after going down 2 goals but this team did what they could for each second of the match.

We were away this week for our 2nd scrimmage and I felt a like we were a little more prepared for the match. Not that we still don’t have plenty to work on, it is a constant state of preparation. Our side put the 1st ball away and as happens, dropped our guard a little and we allowed two very weak runs to find the back of the net. Fortunately, it was near the half and we put our heads together, talked about when and where we fell down a bit and went back out with a renewed sense of purpose. The girls stayed on their toes and pushed into the attack from multiple angles to end the game 6-3 us.

As I think about our season ahead, I cannot help but think about past teams that were greatly outmatched all season long but found that spark to compete and play with heart. Their individual skill sets were nowhere near what we would have liked but somehow the synergy that the team created surpassed the shortfalls that should have limited their success.  These teams all went on to have successful seasons where they finished near the top of their respective brackets.

So, is it environment or is it something entirely unrelated? I really don’t know but I do hope we can create it again this season and hold these young girls up and help them discover that they can do things they never thought that they could do.

till I see you on the pitch


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One Response to Looking Forward and Backwards

  1. Coach T says:

    I’m right there with you. In 2006 I started a women’s program from scratch, and our first game we loss 17-0, and that season we gave up 117 goals. But the greatest victory to me was how we played our last game of the season. Our girls faught hard that whole year, even when nothing was on the line except playing hard for one another. The other thing that I see as a sign of success was the fact that every girl that was eligible to come back did except a couple.

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