The Value of Solid Work Ethics

So yesterday found our GJV on the pitch working in prep for tonight’s match. Our daily sessions encompass both new and maintenance work. The girls have gotten into that rhythm where they started just going through the motions of the drills and were not pushing themselves to improve with each opportunity to improve. We took a few minutes to discuss how we as a team have to find our own reasons for challenging ourselves in every touch, in each encounter on the pitch whether it be in a match or a simple training matrix. We addressed the issue of how in a match, it is up to the individual player to find the means to push themselves, about how if we become dependant on the coach to motivate us, we will come up short in the game because we will not have the discipline to rise above the moment in question.

The flip side of this equation is when we are so focused on the small technical details that we forget the larger picture of the game. Several of our players are really working hard to improve their technical skill sets and it is a balancing act for them a lot of the time. They are very motivated to do each task correctly to the point where they fail to see the opportunities in front of them to make the right play at the right time. I try to assure them that it will come together for them, to keep working and it will sort itself out.

So tonight we get to test ourselves once again. Our opponent tilted to us last time out so they are very motivated to come out and leave it all on the pitch. I am sure they have been working just as hard as we have so it should prove to be a good match. Time will tell if we are able to come out playing our own game.

I related a story to the girls yesterday from a book where the author is talking about dancers and the work they put in everyday “don’t get so caught up in the technicalities of the steps that you fail to hear the music that you are dancing to in the 1st place”.  Ultimately, we are out here to play a game and play it to the highest level we possibly can.

till I see you on the pitch



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