Applied Lessons and a Positive Mind Set

Our HS girls had both JV and V games last night against a midlevel program. While our program has a good many players that pursue the game beyond the highschool season, it was evident that our opponent’s program lacked opportunities to play beyond the HS season. As I watched the games to see how our players were applying their training to the game, I began to think about the nature of athletics in general. We try to identify students that possess something we feel will be of benefit to the sport we are working within, whether it is good speed, quick reflexes, sharp mental focus, or skill sets for the sport in question. Once we have these players identified, we begin to train them in a manner we feel best suits the “vision” we have for our sport with all the structure and repetitions that we as coaches feel will give the players the best opportunity to learn and improve in their game.

But, as I watched our opponent last evening, knowing that these girls have gotten the same 5 a week that our girls get to train for their HS program, there was a hunger that our opponent had that was very tangible. Not once did I see our opponent give up, even when it was very obvious that they were outmatched. They fought for every ball and challenged every play till the final whistle. I noticed that what their team lacked in talent, they were trying to make up in effort and desire.

Our girls stayed fairly well-connected even though it is very hard to do when faced with such an unorganized opponent and while we played hard, I was proud of how our girls represented themselves. Not once did we go over the top with a celebrated goal, or a successful denial of goal opportunity. I was proud of the class our girls displayed on the pitch last night. They went out, took care of business and got it done.

So both matches were successful for our girls last night. We had an opportunity to apply the lessons we have been working on, to push ourselves for our own goals but we were able to further develop a positive mind-set. Our opponent was a great example of what a positive mind-set can do for a team, even when they were down several goals, they kept a very positive outlook on their game and not once, did I see frustration enter into the equation for them. Well done to both teams.

till I see you on the pitch


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