Learning to Compete

Our HS GJV took to the pitch twice this week with less than optimal results. By that I am not speaking of a win/loss situation but rather an overall lack of drive and purpose in the game.

Our 1st half was to be kind, very lack luster in work rate, determination and purpose. We had a discussion at half time and we saw some huge adjustments in our play for the 2nd half. In trying to make sense out of what we were seeing on the field, it became clear to me that one of the key elements we were missing was a clear understanding of what it means to compete. If you have been following our season so far, you are aware that we have only 5 returning players to our squad having lost 10 to V. Our new players have very little to no experience in the game.

To address some of our inability to focus or find purpose in our play, we instituted consequences for lack of focus/ effort / execution in each drill yesterday. Non- winners were required to do a brief rep of push ups or burpees to give weight to the simple fact that we must take advantage of each opportunity we are given to improve. Our session ran for the full 2 hrs yesterday and we felt that we made great strides in the right direction.

One of the things I took away from our session yesterday was not only how much better the girls worked at assigned tasks and how our execution began to show marked signs of improvement, but how much more the girls seemed to like the nature of our session. They seemed much more at ease and committed to what we were trying to achieve in each drill. We still had a good bit of correction to address but overall, the girls worked very hard but left full of smiles in spite of being drenched in sweat.

Learning never ends, especially for the coach.

till I see you on the pitch


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