Mid Season Reflections

So, we are almost half way through our HS season. we gotten a tournament under our belts, and some quality games behind us. Thinking about where we began and where we find ourselves currently, we have made some very good forward progress. Are we “there” yet? Not yet, I am not sure that any team is ever “there” but we all work towards our team and personal goals each and everyday. I feel that by having clearly defined objectives for our players has been a huge help this season for those just coming into the sport. We have players that ask each week for some extra time after team sessions to work one on one with a coach. One of our goals this season was to help new players find passion in their new sport- I feel we have achieved that goal!

Where do we go from here for the remainder of our season? For us, we will continue instilling that sense of competition in our players, work on skill sets and push our work rate in both training and games. We need to keep our returning players engaged in such a manner that they find relevance in the sessions to grow and improve. The challenge is to keep all of us connected so that we function as a team with a purpose to our time together.

As I watch our girls leave from training each afternoon, it is apparent that they are feeling connected, in spite of being drenched in sweat, they all have smiles and are not divided into cliques as they head to the locker rooms. Each of them is working well to translate this connectivity to the pitch and to apply our team objectives to their games.

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