Post Season Tourrnament Reflections

This past weekend saw us in the annual Post Season Tournament one of our local High Schools hosts. This is a very well-organized and thought-out tourney. The same school hosts a Pre-Season tourney (which we posted a 1-3 stat). I was looking forward to this tourney for the simple fact, it will allow me some means to benchmark how we have progressed in the past 2 months.

Our first match was against a very similar side as ours and the game went back and forth with us putting 1 more ball in the nest than our opposition to finish 2-1. Our next game was against a very solid side from a local school that is a perennial powerhouse. We stayed with the team holding the match to 0-0 for 38 minutes out of 50 when we let a ball dance across our goal to give them the go ahead. After that, the opposition had our number and did a very admirable job of exploiting our weakness in the box to finish with 5 goals against our 0. While it was disheartening to watch players give up in the game and let 3 balls run, we can take some lessons forward from the match.

Saturday saw us up against a side composed entirely of High School player while we were fielding a mainly middle school team due to school prom conflicts. We managed to hang with them and the match remained neutral for its entirety to finish 0-0.

The last game of the tourney found us back against our opponent during our 1st match. We came out strong and kept a solid field presence for the entire match with neither side conceding any goals. It was a well fought, had met match that really tested the girls stamina and determination. We finished with another tie 0-0.

So we have faced the same competition in both the pre-season and post season tourneys and the record looks like this:

Pre Season- 1-3-0

Post Season- 1-1-2

Maybe we are learning after all and everything has a beginning here’s to hoping that this season was a beginning for these girls and that they continue in the sport that so many had never played before this season!

till I see you on the pitch



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