Learning is a Constant

The past two weeks have been very busy, our club team had their State Cup playoffs and our High School Girls JV is winding down with their last game tomorrow. It has been a constant state of learning for everyone involved.

For our girls in HS, they have had to learn how to come together as a team with differing strengths and weaknesses but still play together. For our club girls, they have had to learn how to balance the different demands that the two program place upon not only their skills, but their time and commitments.  For the coaches, it was about how to keep players fully engaged that have been playing for some time while encouraging new players that they are capable of learning how to play and compete. Also, it was about helping parents make the transition from rec soccer to competitive soccer and how the level of play continues to increase each year.

As I sit and think about the what ifs, the whys, and the hows of the 2 programs, and what did I contribute if anything to the player’s development in their game, one thing stands out in my mind. Our girls have learned how to compete. Not only against their opponents but against the voice inside that says that they can’t, that others are better and why should they try. We have learned how to hold ourselves accountable for our actions on the field and off. But mostly, we have learned that Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

I hope that each one of them will take that ideal forward in life as they face challenges that lie ahead.

till I see you on the pitch


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