2nd Round of State Playoffs

Our Varsity girls are heading to the 2nd round game tonight after a hard-fought victory this past Monday. The game Monday was never a given and could have easily gone either way. The girls put together a better 2nd half to connect the dots and walk away with the win.

We have struggled a good bit this season to play with purpose and be connected with our team mates on the pitch.  When we work together towards a common goal, we have been a solid side and play beautiful soccer. Often we fall into the trap of not looking in the mirror and analyzing our own performances on the pitch. Each day we need to question ourselves and know what we can work on to improve, how could I have played that differently to get the expected outcome, did I do everything I could today for my team?

These type of questions help us to grow as a team and as individuals. For some of our girls, this week may well be their last soccer game as they go forward with their lives after high school. I would put forth the challenge to them: what now? Do you take the lessons the past 18 yrs have given you and continue to push yourself to be the best you can be or do you sit back and be content with where you are?

In life just as in soccer, we must never feel that “okay” is good enough, we keep learning, testing ourselves so that we may grow and expand our knowledge. Life is a constant symphony of motion, we either keep moving forward or fall behind. Hopefully, the same thirst that helped these players excel in the game and in the classroom will carry forth into the next chapter in their lives.

So, what next? The pages are blank waiting on you to write the next chapter.

till I see you on the pitch


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