Rain, rain and more rain. That was just one of the obstacles the players had to contend with last night. Couple that with a 3 hr drive, delayed start due to lightning and then another 30 min delay at half time, both sides were fortunate to get our match in.

It was obvious that both sides were fairly well matched within a few minutes of the whistle. Their side moved the ball around with good purpose and were very physical in all thirds of the pitch. Our 1st half found us being comfortable playing the way we have played all season, just enough to stay with the other team and it was apparent that we needed to make some adjustments.

During the delay at half time, we made some formation changes and told the girls how we wanted them to execute the plays. Was it going to be enough, would the tactical decisions put us in a better place to change the outcome of the game in our favor. I have no idea even now. What I do know is that we asked the girls to do just one thing different in the 2nd half, we asked them to please go out and play like the game meant some thing to them personally. That they had a chance to leave it all out on the field one more time, to go make it count.

Our second half was one of the best played halves I have seen the entire season. The girls were all connected to each other and worked as a team in a manner that we have not seen all year. As the clocked ticked away and our relentless attack never eased up, I thought to myself, this is the team I have been waiting on. We were not able to put the equalizer on the board last night, but I know, last night, in the 2nd half, there is no doubt that we were the better side.

For our seniors, it was their last game in our HS kits. As I watched them leave the field, I couldn’t help but feel blessed by the time we have spent together and also feel excited for each of them as they move forward in their lives. Was our season one for the books, depends upon your definition and what you expected from it. There were memorable times throughout the year and hopefully, at the end of the day, players can think back the time together and feel it was time well spent.

Good Luck in all that each of you strive to do everyday.


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