Totally Off Topic but Powerful

I wanted to share this with you- it is a great reminder of what we all have and take for granted:

” Time- a most intangible but concrete concept. We all have to live within its rules and the relentless ticking of the second hand.

During our youth, we treat time with impunity and see it as more of an endless supply train. We put off those things that we should attend to for other things with the understanding that there is always time. As we mature, we have different demands placed upon our time- family, jobs, any number of small things that nibble away at the very fabric of our time.

Yes, we live intimately with time and never really give it the thought that it deserves till one day you find yourself in a white room, looking at the hotel/motel artwork that depicts an era all but forgotten in our social consciousness, we pick up a magazine full of ads that promise eternal happiness if we would only buy this widget or that gadget, while we await the man in a white coat with the cultured voice and not quite perfect smile under eyes that are resigned to the inevitable truth that most of us are not willing to face yet. And as this man begins his discourse about the battle raging within our body and speaks of T cell this and B cell that and how the white blood count has diminished to a point were we need a new battle plan because things are just not working, our mind is occupied with such mundane things as  “how long is this gonna take? I have this or that to do” or “what does this mean for my dinner party” and “is this going to mean I have to change my plans for next week/month/year?” when you are jolted back to the here and NOW and are once again confronted with real choices that have to be made NOW, it is at precisely this moment that you realize that time has run out NOW. ”


If you have a friend or loved one that is struggling with a terminal illness or has passed, please take some of your time now and say a prayer for both them and their families.

Time- what are you doing with yours today? How about we help a child not squander one of life’s most precious gifts.

till I see you on the pitch


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