We Begin…Again

Our club will have its team organizational meetings tonight. We will come together as a club and discuss what we as a club are hoping to achieve in the upcoming season, go over opportunities for players to attend the various camps, role specific training and what if any changes have occurred since we were last together.

For me, these meeting are always exciting and I view them as an opportunity to build upon things already established. For the players, since teams are kind of dynamic, a living entity that is constantly evolving and growing, it is chance to meet the new faces that will be joining their teams. It is where I have a chance to speak about what my hopes and expectations will be for our upcoming season and talk with the players about what they are looking to accomplish for themselves in the months to come. It is always an interesting experience and one that I walk away from with a deeper appreciation of what our players think and feel about their game.

Soccer has any number of beginnings, the beginning of the season, the game, the tournament, all these are moments that we get to mark our growth and see just how we measure up. Sometimes we fall short of where we wish to be at that moment, other times, we are validated and come out on top due to our hard work and perseverance in a task well done. We need beginnings daily in our lives to be able to set goals, to be able to put things behind us that may not have worked quite the way we wished they would. But mostly, we need beginnings to keep hope in front of us so that we can continue to move forward. Besides, beginnings are kind of like doors, you sometimes don’t know where the one in front of you will lead.

Here’s to new beginnings in your life, may you never be afraid of starting again.

till I see you on the pitch


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