The World Awaits

50 days. There are only 50 days between now and when the world will come together to celebrate the 2012 Olympics. It is when we all put aside a few moments each day to watch, to marvel and be amazed by those that have risen above all the challenges to be a part of our world stage. I hope you are planning on watching, even if just for a few minutes each day, you owe yourself this gift that these athletes will bestow upon the world.

I think about the journey that each of these athletes must have had on their way to London and what it holds for them personally. We all have our own journeys filled with struggles, and joys but how many of us are willing, even eager to continually challenge ourselves on a daily basis? What motivates us when the odds favor failure over success most of the time? I wonder at times what drives athletes to test themselves over and over, is it passion, a bit of ego or is it just the sheer love of competition? Each individual has their own reasons why they do what they do, but I bet at the heart of each is voice that is seeking an answer to a question deep inside. So maybe on any given day, that athlete is asking themselves “is today the day that I am all that I can be? Will I be good enough to overcome everything in my way to succeed right now?”

We all face challenges each day, hopefully they are not as distinct and momentous as a PK that dashes the hopes of a nation or as grand as a hockey puck hitting the net to win over amazing odds, but we all have events and moments we must face and test ourselves with daily. How we go about these challenges has value for those around us, if we take a lesson from our Olympic hopefuls, we can inspire others in small ways. Our actions not only define who we are as individuals, they also are a reflection of those that have been in our lives slowly shaping it and molding it into who we are. We all need inspiration from time to time, it is how we connect with one another and how we come to understand each other.

So July 27th, about 50 days from now, I hope you will watch the opening ceremonies and think about the journeys that each of those athletes has undertaken. Reflect on all of the people who have contributed to their lives and their goals and celebrate with them the victories as well as the failures that helped define who they are as they march in the opening celebration. Then ask yourself this, “who have I inspired lately?”

London, England, the world awaits…


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