Summer Slow Down

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far in spite of higher than average heat index. One of my favorite weekly radio shows begins a segment each week with “Well, it’s been a quiet week in Lake…” and the same could be said about here.

Usually I am balancing indoor soccer games for two teams and trying to organize weekly kickarounds for our high school girls, plus trying to get players motivated to stay connected to the ball. This summer had so many demands that we are not doing an indoor team. Since the majority of our HS players are committed to playing club this fall, I feel that they will get the touches they need to stay tuned up and sharp on the ball.

For both club teams, we are getting together each week for a kick around and it has been nice to see such positive turnout for the sessions. Of course, the players are still in a “summer break” mindset but that is to be expected and will transition like all things as we get closer to the season. For now, it is enough that they are coming out and touching the ball.

Encourage your players to get some conditioning in during the summer, it will make a huge difference when the season rolls around as it will be very hot during August and September. Those that have acclimated to the heat will fare much better than those that have removed themselves from working in the heat.

Stay hydrated and enjoy your summer.

Till I see you on the pitch


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