Communication, again

The teams have been getting together each week for some light training sessions and to get to know one another. As the coach, getting to know each team’s personality and temperament is part of the wonderment of being involved with youth. While we as coaches feel that we will impart the attitude, mindset and atmosphere that a team will exist within, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, teams are individuals that have come together seeking a common goal, in our case, it is playing soccer. To be effective as a coach, one must be able to impart a clear vision of how we as a team will execute our experiences on the pitch and what our goals will be. Often times, the difficulty lies not within the coach, or the players but in how we communicate what each of us is hoping to achieve during our time together.

The dichotomy between the u15 and u17 teams this year is the younger team just wants to get after the game and try to make corrections during the execution while the older team wants to polish skill sets and prepare for the execution of play. Both have a strong will to compete but each approaches the game in a unique manner. The older team enjoys the drills put before them and will break down the SSG into the aspects of the drills they have worked on, while the younger team despises drills and just wants to play without breaking the game down into distinct problems that we have solutions for. It will be an interesting season to see how both teams mature from their experiences on the pitch and at training.

At every training session, I reenforce the concept of communication and how we must have clear, concise communication if we expect to be successful in anything we wish to do. Verbal as well as non verbal communication is part of how we function daily and it is just as important on the pitch as anywhere. It is vital for teams to be able to communicate complex as well as simple ideas to their players: make this run, serve me this type of ball, exploit that space, etc. This become as much of the game as technique and skill.

So, I am hoping to sell my girls on the idea that just as we need to work on conditioning, work on personal and team skills, maybe we need to work on communication skills. What I hope we will achieve is to become teams that value our communication skills as much as we value our individual skills.

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