1st Tournament Has Come and Gone……

Both the u15g and u17g took to road and headed north to play in their 1st tournament this season. The weather threatened but never hampered the games for either team but did make for some very humid conditions.

All the teams that we faced this weekend were quality teams and very solid in their execution of play. If we had not been on the receiving end of the game, it would have been very enjoyable to watch. That being said, they did provide us with plenty of coachable moments and things we need to work on so that we can move forward in our season. We reminded the players that we do not get better by playing down or against teams that do not push us and show us our weaknesses.

The progression of play for both teams was upward as  we went through the weekend with each game building upon the last. Of course the opportunity to have some team bonding time was a huge benefit as well with players getting to know each other in a new context other than the soccer pitch.

The u17g team had some very good play and as we moved forward through the games, it was becoming evident that we will get there, we just need some time to work together and have a clear vision of the road we are going to take so that we can work as a team. It is a super group of players with each one of them making contributions to this side. I feel we will have some more challenges ahead of us but also, we should have a very good season this year.

The u15g team was able to make it all the way to the final game but tilted to a much better team that exploited our shortcomings in a very decisive manner. We walked away with the 2nd place and many valuable lessons to take back to the training field and begin the process of shoring up where we need work. The girls have a super work rate and push themselves on and off the field to improve their game. I am looking forward to what lies in store for them as they move forward in the season.

I have posted and told the players that a team is not determined by how many games they win or lose, they are judged by how they pick themselves up after defeat and go about the business of putting into play, the lessons that the loss gave them. Only then is a team able to define itself and earn the right to come back to the pitch so that they may test themselves again to see if they did indeed learn anything from the prior challenge.

My work began each time the whistle blew, there is a lesson on each inch of the pitch, the question becomes one of whether or not I was able to read that lesson when it was presented? For some things, the lesson is repeated over and over, others are a bit more subtle in their presentation. Time will tell as we move forward in the season..

Great Job this weekend Ladies, I hope you were challenged, that you took plenty away from the games and that we are all able to put into play the work we do from here onward.

till I see you on the pitch



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