I have been slack I know….

It has been a while since I posted. It was not that I didn’t have anything to say but rather my time has been occupied with doing and not talking. If you have been following, you know that being the masochist that I am, I decided upon two teams this season, again. Thank goodness for a good friend of mine willing to step up to the plate and take on the day-to-day training with the second side or I would be lost…still, the managing side has been quite interesting this season.

We have had a busy season in spite of the weather winning most of the coin tosses and teams dropping games for other reasons. With all of the interruptions, it has been hard to get into a groove and move forward with the usual pace I am accustomed to. Still, we have shown constant improvement (that is a good thing, right?) and I have been proud of the girls this season.

The next two weeks wind down our season and they are going to be busy ones making up rained out games, end of season tournament, and so forth. As I look backwards to reflect on what has worked well and what I need to modify as I move forward, the things that stands out most in my mind this season is this simple truth: We coaches feel like we are the ones pulling the strings and by our teaching, we are the ones enabling the players to reach their potential. That with good coaching comes good results and our motivation is the cornerstone of players’ success. I find that while all of these are components of the big picture, I no longer subscribe to their singularity. Instead, I have had the joy and the privilege this season of having players buy into the ideals, methods and instruction that I came to offer. The girls have done a very admirable job of taking our work on the pitch and breaking it down to the distinct areas we need to address and then mapped out a plan to do so. I have come to the conclusion that I have been allowed access into their world and that they have found some intrinsic value in what I came to do. It is a very humbling experience.

The argumentĀ has been made that we coaches give up so much in our pursuit of helping players find their potential, I would offer that exactly the opposite is true- players give up just as much if not more in their own pursuit and if we coaches are lucky, then maybe, just maybe we get to have a glimpse behind the curtain and share the journey with the players.

till I see you on the pitch


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