Been Away for a While…

The past year has been one of many changes for me, I changed clubs, left the high school soccer scene and basically took some time to reflect upon our sport and how I relate to it. Last season, I worked with a team that consisted mainly of players that were either rehabbing from injuries they received during their high school season or were not sure about making the transition from rec to club soccer. We had a decent season but I found myself living in a paradox of not having to coach at the same level of competition as I was used to and missing that very level of competition at the same time…

At the end of the season, I had about made my mind up to leave the sport and find other pursuits when I received notice that I was expected to work two camps this summer. After much thought, I thought that I would continue with “just the camps” only to discover that I really did miss the competition and watching players play the beautiful game.

After I got back from the camps, I was asked to do some sessions for a pretty solid side and to make short of the story, I am coaching this side this fall. For several of the players, it will be their last season on the pitch, for others, it may not be. Regardless, I am excited at the prospect of watching them grow and play- they have such a great work ethic and desire to get after it, I know they have a great season in front of them.

till I see you on the pitch

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